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Tiny Town Custom Homes (TTCH) is a small family business that custom designs and builds tiny houses.  We work together with homeowners to realize their dream of aesthetics and function.  Our goal is to learn about how homeowners see themselves in their space, what options and amenities they value and how we can get them where they want to be within their budget.  We know budget is important and every last dollar counts.  Hey, we get it!  We want to maximize time and materials to do something very special for you!


What is TTCH all about?  Who are they?  Why is this what they do?  What makes them good at it?  These are all important questions to ask yourself about us or anyone you

trust to build your home!   Isaac Harris, owner and builder,  had a dream of home ownership without a mortgage.  In 2011, this dream led him on a quest for knowledge which brought him to the tiny house and minimalist living movement.  He decided he wanted to live "small" in a "big" world so he took on the task of designing and building his own small home (780 sq, ft.) in the hills of Northern California.  The process and outcome instilled him with a passion about what could be accomplished with good, space- maximizing design.   After the completion of his home Isaac wanted to help others realize their dream of living a more eco-centered and sustainable lifestyle.  That's when TTCH was born!


We want to work with you and your family in a way that is most convenient for you.  We would love to initially talk with you over the phone to get a sense of what you're looking for and what your expectations and budget are.  We would then love to set up a time to meet to exchange ideas and talk about details in person.  If you reside out of state or if it's just simply more convenient we would love to work via email, text and/or Skype.  After all, we work for you!  

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