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Check us out... we're here to help.

We design and build tiny homes in three different sizes.  

We can fully design your floor plan based on your needs and preferences or we can work with a floor plan that you provide to us.

Each model is customizable with many options available.  From skylights to staircases we can, "Get er' done" to your specifications.  


We delight in making custom furniture to conveniently fit your vision and your tiny house!  Whether it's a custom bench, hidden pocket shelving, built-ins or even a fold up deck that travels with you; we are excited to create handmade, custom pieces to your specifications. 


Unsure of how to position your tiny house on your property or how to connect to  a power source or septic system?  Good placement facilitates entering and exiting with ease especially if it's a shared location.  It also allows for the best sun exposure as well as optimal spacing for utilities that will be laid or shared.  Let us help you get it right!

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